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Neo by Daniel Halabi,

Great websites, great prices.


Neo is a new website development service by Daniel Halabi

that will let you own a beautiful website for the price of two

cups of coffee. Click below to learn more and get started!


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About Neo

Web development by neo

The best of both worlds!

When building a website, you usually have two options:

(1) find a developer and pay a lot for a custom website, or (2) use a website builder, pay a small fee, and have little to no customizations.

Neo brings the best of both worlds to you, giving you or your business a great website for a very small monthly subscription price. 

Web Development by neo

Coming Soon:

Personal Dashboard

Neo will give you an easy to use personal dashboard that will include all your expenses, insights about your site, and an area to make changes and requests.

web development by neo

Beautiful Designs.

At Neo, we believe that not any website hosted on a server is considered a website. Therefore we only aim to make beautiful, eye-catching websites that will surely keep your visitors intrigued and interested. 


Hosting, Domain, and SSL

Every website needs to be hosted on a server, and linked to a domain name.

Private, Secure, super fast hosting

Your website will be hosted on a top-notch private, secure, high tier hosting server. High quality hosting is very important since it determines the loading speed of your website.

Custom domain name

We will give you a free custom domain name of your choice with your subscription. It can be a .com .net .org .me or whatever you want.

Secure ssl certificate

An SSL is a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. We will provide you with a secure SSL certificate that will ensure website security and safety.

Website Development

We will design and develop your website based on your requirements.

Wordpress web development

Whether you’re starting a blog, portfolio website, or even an ecommerce site, WordPress is a great choice. We will build a beautiful WordPress website that you can access and edit whenever you want.

Static web development

Need a static HTML, CSS, and JS website? We got you covered. We will build and host a custom static website for you based on your requirements and needs.

Maintenance & Updates

Neo will make sure your website is always running and updated. Your website will also be backed up on a daily basis to prevent any issues.


1- Subscribe

Choose a Neo Plan and subscribe to the one that suits your needs. Choose between Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

2- plan

After you subscribe to one of our plans, you’ll be able to fill in your requirements. We will then contact you to finalize them.

3- build

We will get to development immediately after we finalize your requirements. Within a week or two, your website should be done.

4- launch

After we finish development, you can give feedback and request changes to be made. After all is done, we will launch your website.

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